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If you are new to the studio or thinking about joining us, please let me explain how it works.

We don't charge per lesson! A monthly membership fee secures your time slot on a monthly basis. There are no other fees.

No "sign up" fees. No "registration fees"! Just pay your membership fee on the first of each month and with no contracts, you can stop whenever you want.  

The membership fee allows you to get extra lessons (5th lesson in the month free) these lessons are not added to your memberhip fee. We include them to cover Thanksgiving Day, the week we are closed for the holidays and any snow closings that we do not offer make ups for. 

 If you have any question about this policy please send an email to 

THANKSGIVING DAY AND THE WEEK BETWEEN CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS (the same days that the school are closed, we are closed for that week)


If you can not make your lesson:

We cannot GUARANTEE a “make-up”!

We can offer you a time where someone else has canceled their lesson if it is available.

This is why it is so important for everyone to call and let us know if you will not be at your lesson!

 All make ups are on a first come first served basis according to the amount of students that need changes that week. 

So give us a little notice (at least 24 hours) and we will let you know of any other times that are available for that week.

We will try our best to get you in.

Please remember you can send anyone you like to your time slot. You pay for your time, not the student.

Nyssma Preparation of all skill levels, 1-6. 
Please let your teacher know if you would like to participate. 

Forms are given out at your local public school. NOT BY US!
We cannot get forms! 
You must have 2 original copies of whatever your child is playing for the day of the performance.
please order from your local music store well in advance of the nyssma date. Dates are given out at the schools NOT BY US!
If you have any questions regarding nyssma  please contact your local studio.
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